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Kids Cook With Heart
Chef Betty ~ Kids Cook With Heart

Chef Betty and B3 are proud to be part of the Maui community. Maui’s residents are committed to supporting local business and the local community. Chef Betty has been able to be apart of this great system, sharing her knowledge and giving back to Lahaina’s youth.

Lahaina, Maui is fortunate to have a community of local chefs that care about the keiki (kids). Through programs such as “KIDS COOK WITH HEART” from the American Heart Association and monthly meals for the keiki who attend the Boys and Girls Club.

American Heart Association
Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Through out the school year, Chef Betty teaches 5th graders at the local elementary school healthy options for cooking at home. This instills a sense of pride and ownership in the kids daily meals. It also gets them excited for cooking in general and especially healthy cooking and eating! The kids enthusiasm for learning new life skills such how to use a REAL chef’s knife is contagious. The kids even get their parents excited.

Kids Cook With Heart
Kids Cook With Heart
Kids Cook With Heart
Kids Cook With Heart

Chef Betty also gets to use her sweet skills providing desserts for the keiki at the local Boys and Girls Club. Twice a month local chefs get together and make a good hearty meal for the kids. Unfortunately sometimes this will be the best meal the kids get all week. “It’s humbling to be a part of the program. The gratitude and excitement from the kids is overwhelming and powerful. It’s so special that simple desserts from the local bakery and can do so much good!”

The Maui Sugar Squad as they affectionately like to be called is also a great group that Chef Betty is proud to be a part of. Four women entrepreneurs who get together for fun and community. The Maui Sugar Squad’s goals is to have a good time bringing sweets into the community and supporting it at the same time. Most recently holding a bake sale for the Maui Food Bank.

The Maui Sugar Squad

The Maui Sugar Squad: Donut Dynamite, B3 “A Beach Bunny Bakery”, Maui Cookie Lady, Cupcake Ladies
photo credit: Anna Kim Photography

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